Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hello, new friend!

Hi!  I'm Amber.  Welcome to Anatomy Vintage; the blog.  I can't stop myself from collecting vintage clothes, and occasionally sweet housewares.  I have a thing for vintage chairs and the color turquoise.  You can find me most days at Bloomington's cutest little store front, surrounded by my hand-selected collection and lots of coffee.  If you're not in Bloomington you can find me at Anatomy Vintage on Etsy.

I'm on a mission to provide beautiful clothing and accessories that don't break your wallet or tax the environment.  I have a passion for things made of silk and leather, and not in a kinky way.  Construction and materials are very important to me, and when I look for items to stock the shop, crappy materials don't make the cut.  

If you're a social, please tweet with me @AnatomyBoutique.  If you're addicted to Facebook, you can find me there too.  Just search "Anatomy.

blouse, thrifted: shorts, vintage Calvin Klein, thirfted: necklace, 1970s, thirfted and available here.

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