Tuesday, January 3, 2012

wild horses can't keep me away

My childhood obsession with horses seems to be resurfacing. 
As a young girl I spent many summer days making "salads" of clovers and Queen Anne's Lace for grandmother's old horses in a giant yellow tupperware bowl.  The memory of those pretty brown and white paints is starting to seep into my selections with the shop.  I know the equestrian look has been in style in the vintage sphere for a while.  I hope I'm not taking it too far!
french horse medallion waist belt                                                                  ceramic wild horses statuette 

Equestrian accents have abounded in the fashion world for a while and I know I'm well behind the trend here.  It's not the true tack I'm craving.  My heart gallops at the sight of equine novelties like these. 
vintage horse lamps with custom shades from ARTificial Lights

cowichan style horse sweater from Omnia Wears

gorgeous horse in snow photograph from moonlight photography
I hope you enjoy these selections as much as I do!


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  2. Love that snow photograph!