Thursday, July 5, 2012

outfit: summer faves

I rarely take outfit photos, but this outfit is literally made up of all of my summer pieces!  I felt it necessary to share.  

I fell in love with this dress last summer.  I found it at Cactus Flower
upstairs in the vintage section.  Its the perfect 1950s piece, in excellent
condition.  And the pattern?! A dizzying dream! I wore it to the Oliver Winery
Downtown preview that night and have since worn it to my friend Kayla's wedding.  

I thrifted that medallion belt and have been wearing it just about every day.  I'm pretty sure the Mister hates it because I play it like a tambourine.  It makes the best sound! The gold clutch is an amazing 40s bag that I've had for years and have just now started to appreciate.  Last but not least, that turquoise ring has stolen my heart.  I found it at a little consignment shop near my sister's house.  It's got a cool stamp on the inside, and the turquoise stone is just the prettiest shade! 

I nabbed these shoes last fall on super-sale at the Aldo outlet and
I have never regretted it!  I wear them nearly every day.  They give me 
just the right amount of height and they're really comfortable.  

Oh, and that's Cricket.  He just stopped in to say hi.  This photo shows
you what I'm working with when I snap outfit photos.  Photoshop is my BFF.  

Signing off! 

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