Saturday, August 11, 2012

new in the shop

As a fairly new business owner, it seems like every week or two I have a mini break-through, and the flashes of brilliance are always followed by the same phrase, "how did I not think of that sooner?!"  This week I discovered the perfect place to take photos in my shop.... the front.  DUH!  My shop has 8 floor-to-ceiling windows and two french doors, all on the north side.  The flood of light is perfect all day long.  While I feel sheepish about waiting a full year to figure this out, I am now looking forward to being a lot more productive with my Etsy shop, as everything is now right here.  I don't even have to move furniture (and post-photography photo editing is oh-so-simple.)   Better late than never.  

These two pieces were photographed right here in my newly-discovered photo space and are both available in the shop now, along with many other pieces.  *images are linked*

What terribly obvious thing will I figure out next?  Stay tuned.  


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