Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Basic Building blocks for styling with Vintage

This weekend I traveled all over, somewhat unexpectedly. When life forces me to leave the shop behind, suddenly there's a little room for inspiration.... who knew?!?!

Lately I've been thinking constantly about how much vintage, thrift, resale, etc. a person can possibly use in their life, be it clothing or household goods. I mean, a girl can thrift, Ebay and Etsy SOOOOOOO much and still look tres chic.

On my travels I bought some new flats at Old Navy, which I initially felt a tad bit guilty about, but this fall I'm totally on the "metallic accents on shoes" bandwagon. In fact, I've been riding around in that wagon for a bit. It's a totally 180 from the brown leather, earthy, floral, perfectly worn modern boho vibe I've been so into for so long. I picked up these flats at Old Navy while I was shopping with friends, and it feels like they've given my wardrobe a whole new lease on life. My head is always so into the message of wearing and using vintage as much as possible that a little guilt always comes with new purchases. Sooooooo... to feel a little better still, I thought I'd share some vintage pieces that I'd love to pair with with my fall basics ensemble above. I created this set on Polyvore, so there are some stand-ins for pieces I actually own *eherm. black dress and snake bracelet* but I feel the spirit of these pieces is really close to what I have in my closet.  I'm so excited about wearing these pieces with so many of my vintage duds that I'm physically resisting the urge to play dress-up  Hopefully you'll be inspired too! 

Candidate #1
I just added this vintage coat to the shop, and I think it would be playful and sophisticated addition to our inspiration ensemblĂ©! 

Candidate #2
This semi-sheer pale leopard print top from Fancy That Vintage is inspiring me to layer it on!   I  love the flattering pale pink and cocoa hues, and the collar would completely pop when peeking out from under the sheath dress. 

Candidates #3 & #4

 I love both of these pieces from Foxborough Vintage!   This maroon belt with the honeycomb-esque pattern makes my heart go pitter patter and the back is just plain stunning.  I can see SO many other ways to apply each piece to a chic wardrobe. 

Candidate #5
This last selection is definitely less sleek, but I think this 40s wool fleece from the shop adds an earthy vibe to the metallic ensemble.   It's hard to stray too far from my roots.. and how awesome would it be with the geometric beaded bag from Foxborough Vintage?!

Thanks for joining me on this vintage styling adventure! 


  1. Thanks for the little FoburrowVintage love!

    And remember - if we girls with good taste don't buy NEW items every now and then, what will the vintage collectors of the future purchase? Just remind yourself that you'll love what you own, and some day someone else may love it too.

    1. So TRUE!!! It's hard to imagine the stuff I'm wearing right now being considered a vintage treasury, but it's inevitable, isn't it? So I guess what your saying is don't be so hard on myself. THANKS! Plus, update: I am obsessed with those shoes. Thanks for stopping by!!! love your shop!

  2. Yay! Blouse shout out! I need to start looking at a reader again because I am totally missing out on your blog posts! Oh, and I would totally wear that top outfit. Sign me up.

  3. I guess I was too lazy to tell you I gave you a blouse shout-out.... sorry! And, right???? Perfection. I, of course, have the budget versions of the dress and ring, and the vintage version of the snake, but it works for meeeeeeeee.