Thursday, October 20, 2011

Working in Vintage: starting with the basics

For the fashion novice or the newly inspired-by-vintage fashionista, figuring out where to incorporate vintage into your wardrobe can be tricky.  If you want to wear vintage daily, you probably want to look professional, polished, and put-together and might fear the sometimes costumey appearance of vintage.  There are lots of reasons to get excited about shopping vintage.  It's an eco-friendly form of shopping, so your conscience can rest easy about carbon consumption of your purchase. When buying vintage goods you'll likely be supporting small and local business, giving your money directly to entrepreneurs who are going to reinvest that money in their communities and businesses. This is what will get us out of this recession, right? Right.  So feel good about your vintage purchases!  Vintage pieces are unique.  No one is going to have that awesome blouse that you have, and I guarantee you'll get loads of compliments on carefully selected pieces.  Finally, vintage often saves you money. What more can a girl ask for? 

To help you get started or achieve new levels of vintage integration in your wardrobe without being , I want to share a few tips on how to easily get started with wearing vintage while looking chic.

The basics
Sorry about my lack of polyvore skills.  It can only get better from here, I promise.  If you are on polyvore feel free to click the new banner and check out the Anatomy Vintage collection of dream pieces. 

The secret to wearing vintage and looking modern is having a few essential pieces in your closet that will work hard for you every day.  I would be nowhere without the following pieces.

1) The perfect jeans - I've found that the 1969 jeans from the Gap are my very best friends.  I have them in curvy and always skinny, but they really have a nice selection of cuts.  I'm not sure when the Gap started making awesome jeans, but if you hated them in 2006 (like I did) you might like what they're offering up now.

2) Signature eyewwear - This is essential for me, as I am lazy with my morning routine (read "hate to put in contacts") and have bad eyesight.

3) A basic v-neck tee - Pair this piece with any quirky 80s skirt you'd like. 

4) Great go-to flats - They'll keep you comfortable and allow your star vintage blouses and skirts to shine.

5) Driving gloves - Take this extra step to polish your outfit and no one will doubt that you're in control of your ensemble. 

6) Undergarments that make you feel sexy - For every woman confidence comes from within.  The same can be said of a good outfit.  Wear miserably uncomfortable underwear and everyone secretly knows.  Patterned tights can be especially fun, as they will help you wear your dresses and skirts into the colder months.  My leopard tights make me feel like a wild cat.  That's powerful stuff. 

7)  A signature lip color - This can take some time to find, but when you find your perfect shade, by a tube for ever purse.  With a striking pair of lips you can take any ensemble into the stratosphere. 

These tights are my new favorite accessory.  Wait, so are these boots.  How many favorites do I get?

 When you have your basics in place and use them strategically you can pull off any quirky vintage piece you want.  Thanks for reading this extra-long post! Stay tuned for outfit posts and more styling tips. 


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