Wednesday, May 30, 2012

inspiration: internet wormhole

I was all fired up to take some photos and get some solid Etsy time in today, but my camera battery was dead.  * Waaaaah waaaaaaaaaaaaah *

Instead I followed the white rabbit down the internet wormhole and found these two totally inspiring videos.  The first features visuals from my absolutely brilliant college pal Sougwen.  

...and this next one I found by following her twitter feed.  Nothing wrong with a little bit of healthy web stalking to keep in touch with old friends, right?  Definitely check out  It's full of amazing things, like this video.  The images are taken from Google Street View and manipulated into what strikes me as the eye of Mother Earth.

The universe is sending me this message: "Just have one more day of vacation, Amber. "  Alright universe, I concede, but I am going to at lease charge my camera battery.  I think.     

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