Monday, May 7, 2012

scamp story: wear your best hat to bullitt county

Wow.  It's been a really amazing couple of months in Anatomy Vintage territory.  I did my first vintage pop-up show, we got a camper, and just a couple of weeks ago we got Gretta, our adorable little Chihuahua mix pup.   I've got to catch you guys, up so let's start with the first biggie on the list: our trip to Louisville and Bullitt county.  

The best things in my life come from silly impulses.  After a quick Craigslist search, I found a '76 Scamp Camper just a couple of hours from home.  When I found out it was available I called up are great friends in Louisville and arranged a little weekend away, which was SO needed!  We travelled on a beautiful day through Southern Indiana, so I insisted we make a quick stop in Paoli to check out the antique mall...... which was closed :(  But I found this giant door!  

That goofy face is the reason that there aren't more outfit posts on this blog.
I can be such a goon.  

Try as I may, this gigantic door wouldn't open.  
 Hat:  1940s vintage with an AMAZING feather pom.  
Blouse:  Vintage, thrifted.  You'll see it's matching skirt and belt in upcoming posts
Pants:  BDG Mid Rise Cigarette, Urban Outfitters
Shoes: The Gap.  My splurge purchase last fall, and so glad I took the plunge.  

Big props to the ladies out there who run personal style blogs.  Seeing photos of myself makes me feel an immediate need to do sit ups until I can't sit up.  Maybe I'll learn some tricks from guiltily indulging in America's Next Top Model and gain some courage to do a few more style posts.  

Stay tuned for a few more posts about our trip to Louisville and Bullitt County.  I've got lots of photos to share!

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