Friday, February 24, 2012

do the *finger* wave

I'm really excited about tomorrow!  The company I used to work for (and where my beau still works) is having a fancy casino party, and afterwards a friend is turning, well, a very important age.  I'm packing a trunk of ridiculous goodies and setting up a photo booth.  I'm excited to take everyone's photos, and it will give me a great excuse to sit down.  My knee has been acting tricky lately. 

This little shindig is unofficially prohibion-themed, so I'll be attempting a finger wave on my little pixie cut. The bangs are at about the perfect length to style up a bit. I've watched this video three times now and thought I should share. 

Maybe I'll look like this:

image found here

image found here
image found here
I'm not quite sure what I'll be wearing yet, but I have a couple of options.  A fortuitous visit to the Goodwill this evening left me staring blank in the face of the mint green sleep I have been dreaming about.  I might layer that with a little 90s burnout dress that has an art deco feel, or perhaps I'll be brave enough to wear the actual flapper gown I have.  I doubt it. There may be chicken wings at this party, and there will DEFINITELY be copious amounts of red wine.  

I'm very excited about these finger waves, as I have never sported them before.  I've set my alarm and will be rushing to the drug store tomorrow before I go to work so that I can pick up some hair gel.  Or maybe I should just go now. 

With a little cooperation from my knee, I'll be doing this:

image found here
Definitely off to the 24-hour drug store now.  I'm not the least bit sleepy, and everyone around here is snoozing.  I'll be sure to post pics! 

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  1. Finger waves are so elegant! Too bad they wouldn't suit me.

    You have a lovely blog by the way, I'm following it from now on. (: