Sunday, October 21, 2012

SURPRISE! Anatomy Vintage in Nashville

Lately I've been up to no good.  I've been sneaky and hard to catch, aloof like a cat, and working too hard, but it's all about to pay off.  It's officially time to let the cat out of the bag!

On October 1st, 2012 I got the keys for a new location in Nashville, IN.  If you've ever been to the Bloomington shop, you know that we've been outgrowing our space since we moved in. Our less-than-350 square foot shop IS spacious (if you look up at the vaulted ceiling), but over here in Nashville we have TWO ROOMS! Woot!

The doors have been open to the meandering public for about two weeks, with only the front room set up for shopping, but that's all about to change! I have plans to paint the back room this week and stock it with wedding dresses, meaning it will be all finished in a short period of time, and that means we should have a party!  Join us November 10th for our Grand Opening!  Until then, enjoy some before / after photos and feel free to join the carpool discussion and get details about the event on our Facebook page.

Warning:  The photos you are about to see were taken by a cell phone.  They may be blurry!
Before:  two contrasting brown colors and, yes, a confederate flag painting.  For optimal good vibes, we painted over that first.  

This photo is an excellent example of why I don't have a fashion blog.   I don't know my angles.  In the background you can see Ed the Elephant, hauler of all excellent things.  

Projects!  Stay tuned for a DIY on how I fix up this busted old cabinet.

Settling in:  an antique rug I had stashed in my basement (it's not hoarding if you have a plan, right?), and one of my favorite pieces in the shop right now.  

Our view!  The cocks combs have been harvested this year, but we're hoping to be around long enough to enjoy them next summer / fall too! 
Last step:  add some curb appeal!  


  1. Oh my goodness this place looks like it's going to be beautiful! When was the house built? I'm loving those big windows... that's always a must for me in a house!

    1. You know, I'm usually a total nerd for architectural history, but I'm not sure when this building was built for sure. It has to be 1950s.... The windows are AWESOME. The gardens were there for a few weeks, but now all of the snow outside really brightens the view :) Thanks for visiting my blog!