Friday, May 24, 2013

Cincinnati: New Horizons

Cincinnati at last!   Matt and I decided, rather quickly, that April would be our last month in beautiful Bloomington.   The move has been both exhausting and exhilarating, especially coming on the heels of closing the shop and vacating my studio/office space.   Leaving was bittersweet, as I have learned so much about myself during the decade I spent in Bloomington.   There is, however, a beautiful new city at my feet that I look forward to exploring.  Here's just a quick peek at my new office space awaiting its setup.   These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago.  This is where the magic happens!

Ladies in Waiting

Glorious cache of Coach bags and other leather goods
Oh, hey, Lovig desk!   We're gonna be best friends. 
 And a couple of shots from around the house.....

Stay tuned for more apartment photos (as this place shapes up) and pics from my adventures 

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