Monday, May 27, 2013

outfit post: Girl in a Concrete Jungle

Hi, my name is Amber, and I take outfit photos on a semi-annual basis.  I just took a long scroll through my blog, and noticed that this is something that I touch on so rarely and randomly, and it just so happens that yesterday was one of those days.   I felt particularly confident and comfortable in this outfit.   I'm hoping I get my act together and do more outfit posts in the future, because I'm really excited to share some of the vintage pieces I've collection and my view on styling them.  

The Foundation
Beautifully tailored coral modern trench:  thrifted, Jones New York
Jungle Cats blouse: 80s vintage, thrifted
Jeans: Old Navy Flirt skinny jean, my new favorite, and on sale right now for $17!

The Accessories
70s leather bag:  thrifted, and I could have sold this bag a million times in the shop, but I'm really glad I kept it!   Some day I will tell you the zany story of how it came to be mine.
fringed ankle boots:  Target, on sale a few months ago
snake wrap bracelet:  ca. 1970s Whiting and Davis, a birthday present I bough for myself at my favorite antique mall
necklace:  vintage, thrifted.   The necklace is one thing that I wish I hadn't worn that day.  Looking at these photos, I think it took away from the blouse and made the whole thing busy / a bit sloppy.  It was an afterthought and it shows.

I LOVE this wall outside of our apartment.

Just two kittens in the jungle.   This shirt is actually painted, and it's nutty. 

This 70s tassel bag and Whiting and Davis Bracelet are two of my favorite things ever! The face I am making is not. 

I wore this outfit Friday, May 24th on an explorative trip in Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine district.  I dropped off a resume at a sweet design firm and lifestyle shop I'm hoping to intern at, and then Matt and I struck out into Newport, Kentucky, where I got both a vintage Coach bag and a parking ticket.            ***Simultaneous cheers and jeers, but mostly cheers.  I'll take it.***


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