Friday, June 28, 2013

Wearing vintage: Lace Knit Cardigan and a Despearte Updo

Woof!  (Sorry about the gratuitous dog photo and pun (not sorry)). This week has been hot and muggy, and it's forcing me face the music.  I'm going to have to really try some new things if I want to grow my hair out this summer.  For the last couple of years I have been chopping it pixie short during the hotter months.  I love having short hair and find it really freeing, but I've also been dying to do up-dos, and for that, I have to get past this bob length I have going on.  For this summer, I predict lots of headscarf looks, which is what this outfit was all about.   This particular updo I would like to name the "It's too hot to care" coif, because it was 95 and humid on Tuesday, when I wore this ensemble.  Despite the bobby pin mess in the back, I really enjoyed the look of and built my outfit around the scarf.    I typically shy away from black, as I enjoy navy and brown as my neutrals of choice, but the scarf demanded black.   As a result, I also wore these shades of yellow and gold, which are out of my wheelhouse.

The deets
scarf: 1950s silk constellation scarf, a gift from my sister
cardigan: 80s does 50s lace knit vintage, thrifted
tank: urban outfitters, ages ago
lace skirt: Vanity, not some place I typically shop, but I loved this piece!
flats: Urban Outfitters
purse: Vintage Coach
bracelet:  Vintage copper with enamel, a gift from my mom

I must admit, I quite liked this outfit and would wear it again!  And then of course, there's Greta.   She says hi, and wants you to know that thing that you're eating looks delicious. 

See you soon!
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