Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Decor Snapshot: Nautical meets Natural

I wanted to share a little snapshot of how our new apartment is coming together!   I love the gorgeous mantle that our landlord just had rebuilt before we moved in.   This big C. Jere sculpture gracing our mantle is currently for sale in the Anatomy Decor shop, but for now I am really enjoy the scale of this piece and how it makes our space seem lighter and brighter. I've always been a little obsessive about nautical things, despite being a land lubbing Midwesterner my entire life.  I wear navy like most people wear black, I am inexplicably drawn to all things knots and ropes, and if it looks like a porthole, sign me up!  There's a really cool mid century piece of paper art to the right of the boat that was done by an Indianapolis advertising artist, which deserves its own future blog post.  Stay tuned for that!  

I've also gone a bit crazy with the plants (not possible, right?) and of course there's the requisite grouping of mounted butterflies, which I snagged on Etsy a couple years ago.   If you love nautical decor too, check out Bridget and Matt's great Apartment Therapy Home Tour that inspired me to share this nautical curation with you!  Bridget is part of a great blogging duo at DIY Playbook!


  1. Loving your new apartment decor! Found you through a giveaway and falling in love!:) This is such a fun darling blog!

  2. I too wear navy like black... But because black far from flatters me. :)

  3. HEY YOU. stop being lazy with your blog -_-

    haha xo Marlen
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