Tuesday, June 25, 2013

what i wore.... a month ago

This spring / early summer has been surprisingly moderate and I am relishing the weather.   I'm an odd bird, in that I don't like to pile on too many layers, even when the weather permits, so when the weather turns hot I am often guilty of wearing too-short shorts.   What can I say?!  I'm a corn-raised American girl and I have a short and wide torso, so I need to play up something, and it's definitely not my dainty upper body. (*ahem*builtlikeafootballplayer*ahhchheemmm*)  I'm not complaining.  My less-than-petite build makes me difficult to knock down in contentious settings, like half-off day at the Value World when I am fighting for my life for a size 10 pair of boots *theoretical* and I've been known to rock it out in a match of sand volleyball *events may have been dramatized for your entertainment.*  The point is, I wore this ensemble a few weeks ago during a similar hot spell to the one we're experience now.  Ohio River Valley, what humid torture do you have in store this summer? I love love this little 50s jacket!  I think it provides a nice foil to short shorts and distracts from the general mid-section area from which I prefer to draw attention away.  The loose cut is cool, it's cotton, and....... 

...there are tiny fish in little fish bowls all over it!  I love me a good mid century novelty print, and I am challenging myself to experiment with more voluminous pieces in my wardrobe.  Double bonus:   the lapel is open at the bottom, so I can lounge casually with my hands in my "pockets,"though I dare not keep anything of value in them.  They are not reliable stuff-keepers.

The deets
novelty print jacket: 1950s, thrifted
turquoise tank (not shown), H&M
extra-long abstract clutch: Felix and Jayne, older style 
dipped quartz necklace: Creature Comforts on Etsy 
tan short shorts: hand made by someone, thrifted
shoes: BCBG from TJ Maxx

Be warned, this may be the first of many installments in the summer short - shorts series. 


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