Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Shop update: a housewares haul

Since our big move to Cincinnati, I've been in liquidation mode. It's funny how closing a shop can leave you with way more merchandise that you really need to keep yourself busy with an online shop.... even after the world's most epic closing sale and yard sale. I think I'm finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, meaning I can hit some estate sales and thrift shops again, finally! My thrifty sense has been super-tingly and I am dying to chart a map of the Cincinnati thrift scene.

Last Thursday while visiting my mom in Indianapolis and taking Mr. Ivan back home from his extended stay with us, I broke my rule and stopped into the Goodwill Outlet, where I found these amazing goods!
Late 60s - early 70s credenza with laminate top ~ This piece looks MUCH better after just a little TLC.  This was supposed to be my money maker, but OF COURSE we had the perfect spot for it in the house.   It may still go up for sale in the decor shop.  We'll see. 

Over-sized white metal 70s lanterns, currently home to some of my succulents.

All the makings for a wonderful desktop lamp, already on its way to a new owner in Cali.  Thanks for restoring this piece!!!
1950s Rattan Art Chair, now available in the decor shop.   This piece is in great condition and has the original sticker on the bottom.
I did get a couple of things that I will be keeping, including a great wooden inlaid tray for our coffee table, and a jump rope, which I will be using in future thrifting adventures to secure unruly merchandise, as it was used this time around.

It was a harrowing adventure home.  It's about 2 hours from Indianapolis from Cincinnati, and for anyone out there who might be wondering, no you cannot fully fit a mid century credenza in the back of a Pontiac Vibe.  It is so painfully close.    This was definitely a job for the Element, but I was trying to save gas and pretend that I wasn't going to come home with a full car.  Right.

Stay tuned, because I think I am going to stick to the plan and put that credenza up for sale soon. 

Until next time! 

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