Wednesday, October 12, 2011

on the road with anatomy vintage: Saint Louis

A common question around the shop is "where do you get your stuff?" It's a difficult one to answers, because the stock in the shop comes from all over the place. A friend recently told me I have X-ray vision for vintage, and maybe it's true, so I'm trying to use my powers for good. Recently we took a little road trip to Saint Louis to visit a good friend and see some of the great vintage stores in the area.

This greeted us on the way out of town.  It's pretty much the perfect color, and if you don't know this already (because for a while it was all I could talk about) my dream is to live in a camper trailer for a while and travel the country, thrifting and sending all of the best treasure back here to the shop. 

Packing strategy: wear all the accessories you think you'll need for the whole trip on day one.  This gorgeous little dress was found at an antique mall somewhere in Illinois.  Look for it in the Etsy shop soon.  

Some beautiful finds from another Illinois antique mall.  This bag needs some work, but the leather was so gorgeous I couldn't leave it behind!

Another gorgeous dress from Southern Illinois which will also be in the Anatomy Vintage Etsy shop soon. 

I've been meaning to take a little trip to Saint Louis for a couple of years now.  It's the new home of one of the most awesome people I know.  Meet Whitney.....

Whitney is the brilliant personality and hard-working hands behind Global Farms in Saint Louis, an inner city farming project.  I'll give you a little sneak-peek here, but stay tuned for another post for more info about her project. 

A not-quite-ripe tigger melon. 
A ripe tigger melon.

Even in late September things were sprouting.  

Tips for travelling on a budget:
* Make friends with someone awesome who will steer you to all the right places
* Get that person to let you crash at their awesome apartment
* Charm them into using their mad skills to make you dinner

After a great dinner at Whitney's, we took the next gorgeous day as an opportunity to explore the Saint Louis vintage scene.  It's really inspiring to see what other people are doing with their shops.  I'm really wishing for a little more space some time soon.  

A gorgeous store for rent.  Maybe some day there will be an Anatomy Vintage in St. Louis..... One can dream.

I'm a sucker for a good window display.  These little paper boats are so fun! Oh, and there's a reflection of me and Matt.  

GLOBES!  One can never have too many.  Sporting price tags from $85 to $250ish, these were a big out of my price range. 

The Mud House is a great little lunch spot on Cherokee Street.  I highly recommend it! 

I just loved this street sign.  I can haz?

Self-portrait wearing fireplace

Our visit to Saint Louis was awesome!  I got some great stuff for the shop too.  We only had two short days, so it looks like we'll have to go back soon.  Meet me in St. Louis?



  1. I love all the photos! Those old carts with wheels under the globes are so cool!

  2. Oh yeah! Aren't those things awesome? That was in a vintage store that I can't remember the name of. I should take better notes next time.