Sunday, October 9, 2011

trendsetting timewarp: vintage sash & bow blouses

Call them what you will:  pussy bow blouses, sash blouses, or ascot blouses, or simply tie blouses, you're talking about the new button-up.  If you're dying for these sash ascot and bow-tie button-downs, you're not alone. These blouses with a little extra something are everywhere in this month's glossy editions of Nylon and Vogue, but don't head over to the big box store for the same one other girls in Bloomington will be wearing! We've got several to choose from on the racks at Anatomy Vintage. Spunky prints and rich colors abound.  Come say hi and tie one on for size.  If you're nowhere near Bloomington Indiana and you see something you like please message me for details!

all currently in stock 

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